If the tank is at risk

Why have I received an at risk notice?

Your fuel distributor or service technician has advised you of your tank's condition, perhaps by attaching a label to your tank or writing to you because they think it is at risk of failure and may need to be replaced.

Replacing your old tank with a new one is normally a straight forward job, and has the benefits of peace of mind and bringing your storage system up to current standards - essential should you sell the property. 

Spills and leaks can be extremely costly to clean up and can contaminate ground water supplies and building foundations.

Other important factors to consider:

  • Does my home insurance cover me?

  • What could happen in the event of leak or overspill?

  • Who would pay the clean up costs?

What should I do?

  • Have an OFTEC registered technician fit a new steel or plastic bunded tank, preferably with a top off-take oil supply arrangement.

  • Make arrangements have your new oil tank maintained on an annual basis.

Why should I do it?

  • You will have peace of mind that your oil is safe and contained, and that you are unlikely to cause any pollution.

Who should I contact?

  • An OFTEC registered installer or your fuel distributor.

When should I do it?

  • As soon as possible.



If you have any concerns over your oil storage, contact your regular fuel supplier