Service checks

  •     Age of the tank?

  •     Does it meet building regulation installation requirements

  •     Does the tank and associated bund contain liquid?

  •     Check contents gauges are correct and operating with reasonable accuracy.

  •     Check fill points for any wear, damage corrosion etc.

  •     Check that vent systems are clear and that it discharges down into the bund.

  •     Check the operation and condition of the overfill alarm and any warning devices
        fitted to the tank.

  •     Check the underside of steel tanks for dampness around the piers

  •     Check plastic tanks for surface whitening, bulging or distortion.

Plastic / metal tanks: what to look out for

  •     Rust

  •     Cracks

  •     Splits

  •     Bulging

  •     Subsidence on the base

  •     Gauges falling over or not working

  •     Tanks overgrown with foliage